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Family Today With Funmi Johnson

‘FAMILY TODAY with FUNMI JOHNSON’ is a talk show reaching single and married individuals globally, particularly in Nigeria, providing an informative and interactive platform addressing candid issues across all aspects of family life. Originating from the ‘Couples Breakfast’ Meeting, this show has reached over 20 million listeners since the initial broadcast in 2017, focusing on nurturing strong family foundations.

Broadcasting initially on Radio Continental, Lagos (Now Max FM) in 2017, then transitioning to Inspiration 92.3fm Lagos in 2018, the show has maintained a weekly airing schedule every Friday at 11:30am. Serving as a vital resource, it supports both existing and aspiring families, offering guidance and encouragement. Join us on Inspiration 92.3fm Lagos or via thefunmijohnson on YouTube and Instagram Live for a enriching family experience every Friday at 11:30am.
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Funmi Johnson
– Radio Host, ‘Family Today on 92.3FM’

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